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Tom Nicoli
is a world renowned hypnotist and motivational speaker. With his audio programs he has helped people in over 40 countries lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress and deal with many other issues to live healthier and happier.

The successful results of Tom's work was witnessed by millions of people as the featured hypnotist on Dateline NBC's Ultimate Diet Challenge when he helped a pastry chef lose 40 pounds.


In Shape Magazine,
Harvard Medical School hypnosis professor Jean Fain rated the top hypnosis weight loss audio programs.

Only Tom's Weight Loss set was awarded the highest 5 Star rating!


Tom Nicoli BCH, CI is a nationally recognized hypnotherapist that was featured on Dateline NBC. He offers several different
self-help CDs including:
Weight Loss, Stop Smoking and
Exercise Boost! CDs.

Check out his
Emotional Freedom Series!

Skyrocket yourself to success with
Tom's exclusive
Executive Series

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