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E.F.T by Phone......Rocks!
For a detailed description of E.F.T., click here!

With our busy lives...
it's often a challenge
to schedule
one-on-one help sessions...

The Answer Has Arrived!

More Privacy! No Driving to Appointments!
No Need to Dress-up or Make-up!

Have your session when you need it most...
when the problem is happening!

Have your E.F.T. session without leaving your kitchen
at a time that's convenient for you!

Gary Craig, the founder of E.F.T. states that
"for the majority of cases, EFT can be done
very effectively over the phone!
Location has very little to do with it."

Schedule an E.F.T. phone session NOW:
Call Deborah Yaffee, CH, CN at 413-625-2800 or email me at deb@riversidehealing.com




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